I protect your interests and the interests of your loved ones!

I provide legal services in all areas related to children and family relations. I am known for my thorough knowledge, impeccable quality, and extensive court experience.

Litigante Jurist Katrin Kiisk

I specialise in family law

I offer comprehensive legal assistance in all matters related to family law and its scope of application, including custody disputes between parents (both domestic and cross-border), handling the child’s property, and issues concerning marriage and registered partnerships.


Katrin Kiisk, lawyer, partner at LITIGANTE Law Firm


I represent and advise on all matters concerning parental legal custody (division, termination, suspension, deprivation, restoration) and have extensive experience in international disputes concerning the return of a child.


I represent clients in proceedings for determining right of access in both domestic and cross-border disputes. This includes ensuring the right of access in cases of parental alienation, as well as matters of restriction or complete deprivation of access if a parent’s contact with the child is deemed harmful.


I represent both minor and adult children in maintenance disputes regarding the ordering, reduction, or increase of support. I also represent individuals required to provide maintenance in family support disputes when there are grounds for refusing maintenance.


I offer comprehensive assistance in legal matters concerning marriage and registered partnerships, including divorce, joint responsibilities post-separation, division of joint property, mutual maintenance obligations, mutual claims, and more.


I provide legal assistance in various property and contract law issues, including resolving disputes arising from contracts, termination and division of common ownership, determining conditions of use, and disputes regarding the use and release of possession.


I advise heirs on issues concerning the rights and obligations of the estate, represent clients in proceedings for court permission when making transactions with a child’s property, and, if necessary, initiate proceedings for declaring a person dead if the potential heir has disappeared.


Minust Litigante Jurist Katrin Kiisk

Since 2012, I have specialised in family law and the protection of children’s rights. I have extensive judicial experience in both domestic and international legal disputes and have completed numerous continuing education and training programmes under the best specialists in the country.


I have predominantly worked in the private sector at various law firms, but from 2022 to 2023, I also served as an adviser to the Minister of Justice, part of the 52nd composition of the Government of the Republic, to help better align legislative processes with real-life needs.


Through this role, I have contributed to the development of several policy recommendations, participated in drafting proposed laws, and helped raise public legal awareness.


I believe that children are the cornerstone of our country. The more capable and knowledgeable parents are, the more secure, skilled, and stronger our country will be.



I offer my clients the most suitable legal solutions based on extensive experience, expertise, confidentiality, and a personal approach tailored to your story.


Contact me to arrange a meeting – either online or in the office, whichever you prefer. I will answer all your questions and provide solutions on how to proceed.

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