“Family law disputes are always painful and complicated. Personal feelings can hinder focus in such disputes. As a lawyer myself, I knew that for judicial proceedings, I needed someone impartial who could stand up for my child’s rights and my well-being. I needed help filing an application to terminate joint legal custody and transfer sole custody to me. It was a mentally difficult process for me, but Katrin supported me 100% and achieved my goal. After the judicial proceedings granted my application in full, my life and the my child’s life improved significantly. I know I can confidently stand up for my child’s well-being in the future. There is no doubt that the right person is doing what they do best, and by doing this, you can change the future of many families for the better. Thank you!”


Sarmi Värv

“I appreciate Katrin’s professionalism and her ability to empathise. Her quick feedback and support in such a delicate area as family law were invaluable. Katrin’s competence was evident through her expertise and extensive experience. Working with Katrin, I felt secure, knowing my concerns were addressed and justice was upheld. I am extremely grateful to Katrin for her work and help.”


Kaie J.

“Katrin helped me and my children immensely during a very difficult family situation. We always received answers to all our questions. Thanks to Katrin’s proper and accurate work, my children and I live a stable and peaceful life. Katrin is an excellent professional. I highly recommend her!”


Vadim Kulkov

“After my children’s mother and I divorced, we had several disagreements regarding our rights over the children. We tried resolving them through letters and family mediation, but eventually, I felt I had no option but to go to court to protect my rights. As a first-time court-goer, I decided to enlist someone familiar with family law. Through a friend’s recommendation, I reached the LITIGANTE law firm. Katrin Kiisk was thorough and obviously very experienced. As a result of her professional work, the court’s decision was reasonable and instantly resolved several disagreements between the parents.”


Tarmo Lepik

“When I first met Katrin, I was in one of the most difficult situations of my life. As soon as I shared my story with her, Katrin understood and believed me. She was empathetic and had extensive knowledge about narcissistic personality disorder and various forms of abuse, although she explained that mental abuse is difficult to prove in court. She believed in me and my son. It was the first time after fleeing domestic violence from America to Estonia that I felt hopeful. Katrin explained me that we had a chance to get sole legal custody. When we went to court, Katrin was determined and supportive. One day I got an e-mail that everything went well, and I got sole legal custody. It was the day we had been waiting for every day for over two years. I can’t express my gratitude enough to Katrin. She saved our lives and helped us start a new chapter safely. You are one of a kind, Katrin, and I thank the universe every day for bringing us together. We will never forget you. I have recommended you to many women and will continue to do so because, as a saying goes: ‘Your legacy is every life you’ve touched.’”


Katre Keinast

“What I liked most about Katrin was her humanity and understanding throughout the process. She did not get lost in legal articles or official frameworks but always focused on the child and their well-being. Katrin earned my greatest respect for not blindly following my wishes but analysing the situation and expressing her opinion if my wishes did not align with the child’s best interests. This is crucial because, in legal custody disputes, the line between ‘winning’ and truly fighting for the child’s well-being can blur. I highly recommend Katrin if you seek a caring and considerate representative.”


Siim S.

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